Kanye West’s New Promotion of Christianity

Do you know the middle name of Kanye West? It’s Omari, that means Gof is the highest. Therefore it’s absolutely in tune with the producer designer and rapper’s new promotion of Christianity. While he is in the tour, he started promoting the new album Jesus is King. During this time, West started to profess his belief and commitment to his faith and it seems to be both a redemption as well as promotional tour.

Kanye West seeks to visit the mega church of the prosperity and meet the pastor Joel Osteen. Joel was caught in the controversy to open the church doors to the Harvey Hurricane victims.

Kanye West’s colorful professional life saw multi folds in his career. Lately, on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, West gave a lecture to someone for wearing a black lottery winner regarding the importance of luxury consumer products. But on the contrary side, West himself gifted his eldest daughter a $62,000 worth tiara when she was about one year old. Such contradiction never ceases to chase him, spoiling his reputation.

When his album was supposed to signify black cultural and their religious tradition, like the samples of black church like James Cleveland’s God is, his album displays the gospel of white missionaries. While his entire life was spent in challenging these conventions through every way of his artistic life, West now poses a contrary mood.

While several people are criticizing him or making fun of him, his fans re already in a dilemma for not having any answer. But let’s not be carried out with these thoughts and discuss it from a simple perspective. West is filthy rich and his incoherent ideas are not contradictory to the general approach of rich people. They can afford to be so incoherent and contradictory because they don’t always have a particular ideology to stick to. For him, promotion is the ultimate thing as it is his profession. His efforts are thereby colored with his profession. And this Jesus is King is only a testimony of relying on the free market liberal trade. Thereby he stands as opposed to the black liberation theology.

Though it affects his fans since they are ordinary people who believe him to be an icon, but that doesn’t mean his stance is affected. And while people are wasting time discussing his mask and hypocrisy is exposed, that little matters to him. Some even attacks him for his apparently racist approach toward his own clan, but little does he bother since he belong to the “white” world in every way other than skin color.

Honestly, the promotion of Christianity is less about Christianity of Jesus and more about Kanye West. But given an artist, this is part of his job. Conventional people raise voice: Can God be used for promotion? Isn’t it an attack on the religious sentiment? But we have not yet received any answer from Kanye West himself. There is some cryptic and confusing explanation in the itnerview with Zane Lowe below.

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